AKB500 integrated MSR and OCR functionality

The AKB500 family of keyboards integrate OCR and MSR functionality to deliver a solid, multi-function device with a compact footprint ideal for airline passenger check-in and card reading.

This latest version combines the robust ATB42x keyboard with the OCR310e – our new OCR engine that is more than 50% faster than its predecessors. One of the key features of the AKB500 family is the placement of the read camera at the centre of the read slot, allowing for bi-directional reading within the footprint of the device and saving valuable desk space.

The keyboard can be adapted to add a new host or to support non-standard cards, such as loyalty or frequent flyer and special dedicated formats. To ensure flexibility for the future, new firmware to add and modify features can be downloaded to the unit.

Keyboard Features

  • 104 key US or 105 key European standa
  • Custom keyboard layouts are available
  • Cherry mechanical key switches rated at 50 million operations
  • Rugged design with steel chassis
  • Height adjustable

Auxiliary RS-232 Port

  • Auxiliary RS-232C serial interface for decoded bar code scanner

Host System Interface

  • USB and RS232 connection for thin client solutions
  • Single USB connection to host; no external PSU
  • Protocol support for most popular systems
  • Virtual serial RS-232 or keyboard wedge modes
  • Field upgradeable firmware
  • Visual and audible good/bad read indication
  • Custom data parsing

OCR Reader

  • Reads: machine-readable passports, visas and travel documents conforming to ICAO recommendation 9303; tickets; ID, resident alien and Green cards.

Magnetic Swipe Reader

  • Accepts ISO 1-, 2- & 3-track credit cards to ISO7811/2-5
  • Reads in both directions at a wide range of swipe speeds
  • Long life magnetic head & stainless steel document guide

Pointing Device (Optional)

  • Strong, tamper resistant design and easy to maintain
  • Suitable for left and right hand users

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